Sheila Skinner - Performance Artist

An American conceptual artist.

My work reflects on identity with humanistic values. I create multimedia installations and performances inspired by relevant ideas effecting society. My installations are visual experiences created to guide the audience through my perceptions.


I am a 1st generation San Diego native. I studied Liberal Arts at Mesa College, and studied under James Luna from 2015 to 2017. His influence has taught me that learning is the greatest gift in living.



LitQuake Zspace Theater San Francisco

Identity Theft: Performance on Art and Activism in Two Parts

Native Stories: For Fun Profit & Guilt


October 2014


Santa Fe Symposium

Indian Adventures

December 5, 2015


Washington DC


January 16, 2016


Calgary, Canada

Ishi- Mourning Ritual

October 19, 2016


Mesa College Art gallery

Student Show May 2014 


NEWS for Native California

Winter Issue 2014








Photo Credit: Mark Velasquez

Photo Credit: Mike Tan

Photo Credit: Mike Tan